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PR and E-Ticketing Partner

What When Where Events is a social media PR & E-ticketing platform to promote all types of business and social events In the African/Caribbean Market.

What When Where Events offer you a bespoke online experience of an Independent PR and Ticket Booking Office dedicated to The African/Caribbean Market all under one roof sending you information on Exhibitions, Concerts, and Club Nights, Singles Events, Comedy Nights, Theatre and Dance performances across the UK and beyond.

Here at What When Where Events PR our clients are not just people we work for but they become part of the What When Where Events PR family; assuring trust, respect and on-going support from our agency,

Please contact us if you would like to collaborate with What When Where Events PR or to discuss our PR service we can provide for you.

Please contact our marketing partners partners Raj Singh PR for any enquiries.
Email: info@rajsinghpr.com

Kind regards, Raj Singh - CEO

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